2 wire or 4 wire smokes


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Great information.....I think I will go with the four wire smokes and zone each one independently. Is there a preference on brand and models from other cocooners?

I love system sensors smokes. Very well made in my opinion and I think they have a great reputation.

Disclaimer: I work for a competitor of theres but you cant be the best at everything ;)


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I put in 2 wire System Sensor smokes, but if I were to do it over I would do 4 wire system sensor smokes.

The reversing relay is a pain on the two wires and I am still working on getting mine working (although I need to follow up on some advice Digger gave me that I have not been able to finish testing. Been in work hell myself so I haven't even kept up with CT (gasp) until now.


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I've been planning on going with the GE's - anybody have a good (cheap) source? I've found good deals on the 500 series on ebay, but not on ones with internal sounders yet....

Also on the relay, there's another thread here that discusses how to use a single power supervision relay , but link the contacts to individual zones.