4-wire smokes and 2-way wireless smokes in the same house?


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Can a 4-wire system consisting of multiple System Sensor 4WTA-B smokes (all daisy chained on the same zone) be "expanded" by adding Elk 2-way wireless smokes (ELK-6052)? I'm thinking rules will need to be set up to cause all smokes (wired and wireless) to sound when one smoke trips, similar to when 4-wire smokes are on more than one zone. Also, maybe rules will be needed for resetting them? Can they be made to all sound in tandem? Any downsides to mixing wired and wireless smokes?
According to NFPA72, section 29.3.3, .......paraphrasing.....A complete "system" of smoke detectors or smoke alarms must be installed, as a system per code, to satisfy the code. Additional detectors may be installed.

As long as the original "system" meets code by itself, additional detectors may installed and would not be required to be interconnected.

As for tripping a zone when the another has been tripped....I'm sure there is a way. It has been discussed in this forum how to this.

Now to get them to sound in tandem, my thoughts are that this would not be easy. If they were hardwired, then yes, but how to you sync the sounding pattern to a wireless smoke alarm?