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22/4 wires on motion sensor


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bfisher said:
toymaster458 said:
I do I leave the builder installed smokes alone and double it up with mine and make sure I use a detector with out a built in siren so it is not to loud when the both go off.
How come you are worried about it being too loud? I think that would be a good thing in the case of a fire...
In my opinion I think the siren from the Builder install and the one used in the alarm panel and the alarm panel is just to much. But that is my opinion.


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Technically, the wire that is in cat5 (24 guage) will work but, as Toymaster pointed out, local code may have other restrictions especially on a new construction. Codes vary greatly from state to state and even within a state. In New York city, I think the cable needs to not only be fire resistant, but rat resistant too - not kidding.


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Yes Cat5 wire works for almost everything now days but even if it is a exsisting house you should follow Manufacturers recommendations along with local codes on alarm and fire sensors/detectors. You are dealing with the safty of your family and that you can not put a price on.