AB8SS Programing


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Has anyone figured out how to program in (VB6 or VB2005) the AB8SS speaker switch ? The Qbasic example on http://www.hacs.com/ab8ss.html is no help to me as a non-programmer type. I can use VB pretty well, and would appreciate some VB code that would tutor me. This bit stuff with 2's compliment is really throwing me.


Found a new Open-Source Control Program -- Will look into that.

I have source for it also. It was/is integrated in my main app, but I am pulling it out into its own program.

If the source you have now does not help let me know and I will give you mine.

I also talked to the owner about releasing his new source and he said he would and that the only reason he did not before is he did not think anyone really cared or wanted it. He has to get it from his developers and is supposed to contact me once he does.

I will keep an eye out on his site and check in with him again. Once his source is available, I will be sure to update the forums here.

Thanks Vaughn,

I think the source he was talking about is now posted on his site. I did download it and will start to examine it tonight. I am a beginner at this programming stuff, but sometimes it is the only way to get exactly what you want. I want to create a plugin that will address announcements from HomeSeer and switch on or off speakers, but with out the overhead of one-program-does-all that is currently available. I have contributed a couple of plugins and there source to the HomeSeer forum, and my hats off to you for your open source inititive. Yes, I would love to see how your code deals with the AB8SS. The more I see of anything helps me understand whats going on and how different approaches can produce the desired outcomes...


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Yes, he did post the new code (Cheers mate!).

That is sooo much better than using the QBasic example. That is a complete app already in VB6, that should be all you need. Heck, I will be going back through my code and updating it based on his new release.

I am really glad I made that call. I was expecting for him to go off on me, but he was a really nice guy, and he followed through with what he told me, so more props to HACS and the AB8SS. I hope he sells a lot of those. I am thinking about running two of them in my house, one for HA and another for music...

Not being a programmer, is there a way I could use the new vb6 code easily to control the AVS8X8. ( he released new code for both )

I would appreciate any direction on this, I have had the AVS8x8 for a while and have wanted to control it from ML.