Adaptive Home Logic

Acentient Software has recently put in place a professional style bulletin board system accessible from their website, and to celebrate (generate more interest more quickly) have graciously decided to give away 100 fully working & licensed copies of Adaptive Home Logic v1.02 to the first 100 interested Cocoontech members!

What is Adaptive Home Logic

Adaptive Home Logic (AHL) is an easy-to-use, yet powerful software based home automation solution that integrates many advanced features to coordinate many different home automation peripherals.

Why Adaptive Home Logic

Although there are many different HA applications available, it was found that although some were very easy to use they were also very limited, whilst others being very sophisticated, were extremely difficult to setup, often requiring an in-depth knowledge of programming. Adaptive Home Logic is between both these philosophies being highly flexible within an easy to use and understand application.

At this time AHL doesn’t do everything (or at least not yet), but should prove a very useful addition in many HA environments.

How do I get my free software?

Please visit Acentient Software to download the evaluation copy of Adaptive Home Logic, and then email your Cocoontech User name together with your real name (or the name to which you would like to register the software) and your geographical location to Acentient Software. In return we will send you a free unlocking code within 3 working days.

Conditions of promotion:-
Limited to the first 100 Cocoontech members
Closing Date: 31st March 2007
Not subject to free upgrades, upgrade path discounts or direct support
Looks interesting, but I agree, today just supporting X-10 is so 80's. I vote for UPB.
Any plans to offer Z-Wave support?

Yes, although at this stage we’re not exactly sure when AHL will have direct Z-Wave support. We have however made this provision.

In the next version, which is currently nearing its alpha testing stage, there is a technology matrix that has the provisions to support all the major power line technologies, together with the various methods that can be used to interface them.

Allowing a module, or group of modules (even of different technologies), to be very easily selected from a list by their assigned name, with the program working out what codes to send where!

We have however been having some difficulty in finding a way to directly support Z-Wave, this to some extent is due to Z-Wave’s apparent policy concerning licensing proprietary technology, although this situation may well have changed, in addition we haven’t yet exhausted all possible avenues. If anyone can help with this, or has up-to-date info concerning Z-Wave’s SDK, or appropriate DLL’s, etc. please do let us know.

It should however be no problem for Adaptive Home Logic to control Z-Wave via a home automation controller, such as the ‘Elk M1’, or possibly via a bridging type interface like the HomePro RS-232 to Z-wave controller, or the HomePro X-10 to Z-Wave Interface.
Hi Robin,

If you're looking for a low-cost, Z-Wave Certified solution to integrate robust Z-Wave support into your product, come pick up a copy of the $69 Z-Wave PC SDK ( and we can help you get down the road to having a Z-Wave enabled software application today.

Just a quick note to say that only about 10% of this threads viewers’ have taken up this offer, so notwithstanding the impressive number of views, we still have many free software licences to give away.

Although this version doesn’t do everything, it’s still fairly useful within a home automation environment. It’s also definitely worth getting to grips with, in view of the sophistication of the next upcoming release!