Add 16 more wireless zones to the Elk M1 Gold


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I have an Elk M1 Gold and I currently use 14 wireless sensors (Zones 17-30).  This only leaves me with zones 31 and 32 as available.  I'd like to add 17 more wireless sensors (Zones 31-47).  I read the manual but it's very confusing.
Can someone here guide me through the process of adding zones 32-48?
BTW, I use the Elk-M1KPNAV and the ELk M1XRF2G.
Thanks in advance! :)
The M1XRF2G supports up to 144 wireless zones. If you use ElkRP, all you have to do is right-click on Zones (Inputs), and select "New Wireless Zones" and select the next grouping of zones that you want to add (e.g. Group 3, Zones 33-48).
Warning though - there's a really annoying bug in the M1 software - if you create more wireless zones and add nothing to them, then on the next resync they'll revert to wired zones.  You have to delete and re-add them again then actually enroll something.
Thanks but not sure I follow.
I'm using zones 17-47 so zone 48 has nothing assigned to it.  WIll I have problems?
Thanks again!