Add-on Touch Screens


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Has anyone had any success with these add-on touch screens that I see advertised from time to time?

When I finally break down and buy a touch screen, I will be mounting it in the wall and probably covering the edges in some sort of molding, which could potentially hide the overlay itself. I have several LCD screens laying around my house that I could use in conjunction with this. I may not even be able to see the difference once mounted in the wall.

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If your going for ascetics and it sounds like you are with the wall mounting ideas I would forget about an add on touch screen. They look cheesy at best and never stay tight against the screen. In addition you can find touch screens on EBay from time to time that will not be much more than an LCD with add on.
I purchased a 15" touchscreen LCD from Elo for my HTPC about a year ago.

It works really well and I haven't had any problems. Specifically I got the IntelliTouch model which uses "surface wave technology." It's all glass and no overlays. It works as I figure it should and I've been very happy with it.

They have various models. I got a desktop model, but they also have mountable models that don't have a case which is probably what you'd be looking at.

Check 'em out. I'm happy enough with the one I have that I'm looking to pick-up a second for a Kitchen (Theater?) PC.
I was $2.50 away from an eBay auction for an ELO monitor. It went for $162.50 and I was away from my PC and couldn't up my maximum bid - ugh.

Oh well, I will keep on searching...

Thanks for the advice
We have not announced pricing on the RT2718 yet. Keep an eye on our site for that information soon.

The 12.1 touch monitor is [very inexpensive]. Dealer applications are on our site. Cinemar should display fine, as long as your host PC is setup to match the resolution of the 12.1 monitor (640x480, 800x600, or 1024x768). I dont recommend 1024x768 simply because the user interface objects, e.g. buttons, become too small to be usable. But some customers have been fine with this.