Alarm/Automation EOL resisters

I'm going to monitor my windows, doors... but I still want the existing Alarm system to work. I have a DSC alarm that has a different sized eol resister (have not looked up what size yet) than used with the Secu-16I. I was wondering if I tie into the existing door/window sensor and run it parallel with a different eol if it would work. See attached diagram.

The other option is to take it all to the Secu-16I and then run a from a Secu-16 for each of the zones. That would require programing and wire.
The attachment didn't seem to come through.

I tried (although not very hard) to parallel my SECU16I with my Caddx security system and could not get it to work.
Its doable, but in priciple, this violates the integrity of the alarm system (and would not be UL approved is this is a concern). The end of line resistor is specifically there to make sure that nothing is disturbing the loop, like an open, short...or a SECU16I. The best way to make it work would be to put a relay between the alarm loop and the sensor to have the alarm system actually see the relay as it's sensor (it it would have the eol resistor across its contacts. Then another pair of contacts on that relay would control the SECU16I input. The real sensor would then drive the relay's coil. If your sensors have two completely seperate sets of contacts, then it would be much easier to use the alternate contacts with the SECU16I.