The End-ALL of Home Automation Systems?

One angle on profitability over time, or RMR (repeating monthly revenue) is trickling out these new procedures over time, as part of a subscription.  Like how video games dole out content via DLC packages (DownLoadable Content).  The underlying assistive framework is there but the period subscription covers new processes or perhaps even seasonal/monthly local integration.  If the process was seamless enough and not overly tedious to use there's great likelihood users would tolerate the repeating expense.  But the problem is most efforts don't accept there's going to be a fee structure from the outside WITHOUT also making it hideously expensive at the get-go.  There's got to be a 'free to play' tier that provides decent functionality and then additional tiers of add-on purchases.  Otherwise there's no way to "keep the lights lit" for the provider (or any resellers/integrators involved).
Sorry noios, your going to get a bit of a rant here.
Echoing Pet's sentiment on having my control in the cloud ... not loving it. It is difficult to build a reliable home network, even more difficult to have a reliable network with backup internet access.
I know today's younger consumers live on their smart phones but you can't have the entire house be a remote of some cloud service. From a security sense it's a nightmare. The primary functions must be in the home and not part of some all-in-one box (like the Vera). I have so many all-in-one boxes that ... well, I have enough of those things.
Right now I'm very happy with my node-red, mqtt, WiFi, ZigBee, Z-Wave and RF custom mash-up. It's extremely flexible though not very user friendly for the integrator. 
Understood Neil.
@OP nolos,
Here while tinkering I am not sure that I want to put dependencies relating to automation on WiFi or my ISP connection (cloud).

Today my home automation works fine without the ISP connection or WiFi or my cellular phone or tablet or touchscreen or text to speech or voice recognition.

I am not tethered to my cell phone. One of my projects years ago related to global cell phone tethering 24/7.

It was then when I decided not to tether myself.
Sure bet 100% automation is via a wire with least amount of transition (work) in the topology of communications.
I started here with powerline X10 which uses your home electrical wiring as communications substrate.  Updated the X10 powerline wall switches to UPB a few years back.  Currently also implemented a while ago a powerline / wireless hybrid Insteon set up; then ZWave and Zigbee (pure wireless).
Tinkering now with WiFi modules using Mosquitto for automation chit chat.  The WiFi modules can be wired and POE connected if need be.
And I have a fully paid subscription to CQC (CharmedQuark) automation software (and multiple computers to run it) but don't even use it.  I got tired of playing with my home automation and so the bulk of it now is Alexa controlling my Lutron RadioRa2 lighting and (rarely) my HarmonyHub.  And while I miss some things that used to be "IF this THEN this", I don't miss it enough to want to play with the home automation.  A big part of what you'll face is "good enough" and that is a killer for the company you're proposing. 
jon102034050 said:
welcome! While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I'll wait to judge once I see a product like this. Do you have a website? That may be a good place to start. 
ditto that. Do you have a website, Twitter feed, Facebook page or startup-campaign page that has some details?