Anybody Using an Ocelot with PowerHome?


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As roZetta keeps getting pushed out further and further I am starting to look at other options. Was wondering if anybody is using an Ocelot with PowerHome as way to trigger Insteon lights from wired motion sensors?
kinda seems a shame to involve a PC in such an activity. :eek:

I used the Ocelot / Leopard for that purpose for years with X10 natively. It was extremely reliable; though it is now much faster with Insteon and Elk. Too bad Insteon for Ocelot's not there.

Perhaps one of these incoming Insteon devices - can't recall the company now - from the folks making the irrigation controller may use contact closures?
Thought about contact closures but there are just too many lights involved. I already use PowerHome to manage my Insteon environment so it would make sense to use it for timer and motion functions as well.
TonyNo said:
Don't wired motion sensors use contact outputs?
True. You need conact inputs of some sort for the motion sensors. With Ocelot inputs PowerHome would do the Insteon out and handle timed events.

If I used Insteon contact closure modules with my Stargate however (instead of RoZetta) then I would need enough for both motion sensor inputs and relay closures from Stargate to trigger timed events. That would be too expensive.
If you want to use the Ocelot for inputs, PH does support it. You would just set up some triggers to fire the events you need.

You may want to post this on the PH forum; there are people who use the Ocelot.
OK, I'll post there. I thought most folks over there are using the vellman board which is not bad but has very limited expandability.

Two other possibilities might be:

1- To use an ELK panel simply as an Insteon translator triggering Insteon actions from either contact closure or serial input from Stargate. Problem is the Insteon setup on the M1 is kind of restrictive from what I understand. I know Dave Howard made a utility to help with setup but I don't really know what it does.

2- Find out if there is a way to control Insteon from a netiom board. I could then use xPL messages to to trigger lights from Stargate and connect motion sensors directly to the netiom if I want.