Anyone with experience moving from VRUSB to ISY as Primary Controller?

Deane Johnson

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I'm using the VRUSB stick with Leviton's Installer Tool software.  With Leviton stuck somewhere in the mud in getting it updated to run with a current Windows OS, I'm looking around for a new Primary Controller so I can retire the VRUSB stick to the junk box.
The ISY (Z Wave version) keeps coming up as being something to look seriously at.
Does anyone here have any experience with making such a move?  I would only be using it at this time for Z-Wave, and as the Primary controller.  My home automation software is CQC, which I believe works with the ISY, but I appreciate any comments regarding any portion of the chain.
Thanks for your help.


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let's take a step back for a minute, and identify the shortcomings of our implementations.
here is mine:
(1) VRUSB/RFIT does not appropriately identify devices (manufacturer/model)
(2) for non-Leviton keypads, specifically the Cooper RFWC5, VRUSB/RFIT does not recognize the buttons at all so I cannot apply associations
(3) RFIT is a shit software product, and the VRUSB is a shit hardware product, which has forced me to totally recreate my network multiple times
(4) Aeotec micro switches worked on a basic level, but even though they support associations I could never associate them to the Cooper Keypads
what works when RFIT doesn't break shit:
(1) Kwikset 910 lock
(2) Aeotec Contact Closure, Aeotec MultiSensor, GoControl/Linear Contact Closure, GoControl/Linear Motion Sensor
my personal goals with Z-Wave were quite simple.  i wanted to build nothing more than a sensor network with contact closures, motion sensors, water leak sensors, shock sensors, and my locks.  i actually had it working until RFIT blew away everything forcing re-inclusion of all devices.