[Article] Control your home theater using your iPhone or iPod Touch


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/archive/j/news/2010/1/totalcontrolremote1.jpgThe company which created the software allowing you to interface IP cameras using your iPhone, Windows Mobile phone and BlackBerry has released a new application which allows you to control your home theater gear (or anything else accepting IR) using the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.  It does require the Bitwise BC4/BCX-1 hardware, but no PC is required.  See the press release below for more information.  Total Control Remote Edition website
Intelligent Designs Group, LLC (www.totalcontrolapp.com) developer of software for mobile phones and handheld devices announces the release of their Total Control Remote Edition for the Iphone - Itouch. Enjoy the ability to ability to control your IR (infrared) products via your Iphone - Itouch. . 3rd party hardware appliance required (BC4/BCX-1 from Bitwise Controls - www.bitwisecontrols.com). No external computer or server required. Direct connection between application and appliance. No monthly or annual subscriptions.


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