[Article] Review: HomeTroller Series 2


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/archive/j/reviews/2009/6/hometroller-elkdoor.jpg The HomeTroller Series 2 is the new version of the original HomeTroller./archive/j/reviews/2009/6/hometroller-original.jpg The new HomeTroller looks great, it looks like a real appliance, compared with the 'desktop' look of the previous version. It's so small, it could actually be mounted into a typical structured wiring enclosure. It is also touted to be more energy efficient than the previous platform, consuming about 12 Watts of power (nominal). Dimenions have changed as well, the old HomeTroller measured 11.5" W x 2.5" H x 10.5" D, while the new unit measures 9.25" W x 2" H x 7" D.

The unit arrived in a small box, protected well by styrofoam type material.  The following items were in the box:
  • 1 HomeTroller Series 2 Controller
  • 1 External power supply (Input: 120-240v, 50/60 Hz, Output: 12VDC - 5A MAX)
  • 1 Getting Started guide
/archive/j/reviews/2009/6/hometroller-unbox1.jpg /archive/j/reviews/2009/6/hometroller-unbox2.jpg
/archive/j/reviews/2009/6/hometroller-systemrestore.gifI was surprised that there was no Ethernet cable included, since it is a network based appliance after all.  I was also hoping to see some sort of recovery disk, allowing you to restore the unit in case of major trouble, but it looks like this isn't the case.  They do sell a $39.95 System Restore flash drive, which is bootable.  The flash drive will reformat the Disk-On-Module drive and reinstall the operating system + software to get you back up and running.  I highly recommend you take a snapshot of the system using something like Acronis True Image, and a bootable CD/DVD-ROM drive, before you start configuring the system, and another backup once you have everything up and running.

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