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CocoonTech visited the SlingMedia booth while at CES 2010.  SlingMedia is of course most known for their famous SlingBoxes, that let you watch your TV and video input devices over the Internet (including various mobile platforms).

I spoke with John and was shown SlingMedia's new OEM line of products.  SlingMedia was recently purchased by [color=" #800080"]Dish Network[/color].  The OEM product below will soon be incorporated into Dish Network set top boxes giving them 'built in' Sling capability!


They are currently working with other cable and sattelite providers as well so your future set top boxes just may have 'Sling' capability in the future.

Another OEM product displayed was their SlingMonitor 150, which can extend your HDTV wirelessly to another room in your home!


·From SlingMedia's website:

Developed for television service providers, the Sling® Monitor 150 is a companion product to a Slingbox® or SlingLoaded™ DVR. It provides a portable HDTV experience to another room in the house that has not been wired for TV programming, such as a kitchen, bathroom, patio, or garage. The monitor communicates with the SlingLoaded DVR or Slingbox over the wireless home network, allowing customers to view live TV or recorded DVR content from their SlingLoaded DVR anywhere in the home.

The innovative hardware design includes a lightweight flat screen with a sturdy handle for transporting and a convenient stand for countertop use. With only a power cord and a Wi-Fi connection to anchor the product, it is simple to move from room to room. And the modern black exterior and single-surface glass display are complementary to any setting.

The product takes advantage of the SlingGuideâ„¢ service, which goes beyond the traditional program guide to make it easier to browse and search for live and recorded programs. Consumers can filter, sort, and view program information by genre, network, rating, language, HD content, channel, date, time, and more. This allows them to find what they want to watch more quickly, as well as to discover new content

Another product displayed was the SlingTouch Remote Remote 100.  This product will let you interface with your home's WiFi network and will emulate various remotes from other manufacturers.


From SlingMedia's website:

Developed for television service providers and CE manufacturers as a companion product to network-connected SlingGuide-enabled DVRs, the Sling® Touch Control 100 is a powerful remote control with a user-friendly touch screen interface. The Sling Touch Control 100 makes it easy for customers to discover and control their live programming and DVR content from anywhere in the home over a wireless network.

The Sling Touch Control 100 provides a flexible and intuitive user interface that includes features often only found on web-based products. In addition to browsing channels quickly, consumers can enter search terms and sort, filter, and view program information by genre, network, rating, language, HD content, channel, date and time, and more. They can find what they want to watch, as well as discover new content

Here it is shown emulating a Sony BluRay player's remote control.


It will work eight to ten hours on a battery charge and has a really cool looking cradle that acts as the charger that the device can sit in when not in use.

SlingMedia currently has a Windows Mobile and iPhone applications for their mobile applications and are presently working on an Android interface as well (it's their number one priority).



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