ASEL switcher

The great thing about the ASEL is it's flexibility. You can use it to switch 8 cams and 8 different mikes, or 16 cams and no mikes, or any combination inbetween. You simply specify as an addendum to the script that I have posted on my site what input goes to what output. (16 in, 2 out) BTW full credit for the script and the ASEL find goes to Jay......
As I mentioned last night, I use a "stick-a-switch" in every room, and have the top rocker control listening/not listening, as well as to switch the ASEL to the proper mike. I use PA-3 mikes from supercircits.
My birthday is Feb1. I have been dropping hints for an ASEL for a little while now. know what your job is here!

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lol, so you can control this thing to allow all/any ports to be on and off at the same time, or can only one port be turned on at a time?