Hikvision DS-HD1 doorbell cam operation


Senior Member
My understanding is this cam can be used with it's app for alerts and other things at the same time as the video streams to a recorder like zoneminder or blueiris.  Would like to confirm that.
Also curious about more details of operation.  It records to an on board SD card.  How much can the card store?  I suppose that won't be an issue for me since I plan to use this with zoneminder.
I am guessing this uses servers in china or somewhere else in the cloud?  Or is operation not dependent on external servers? 
Do others using this use the built in motion detection and app for remote access, etc or rely on zoneminder or other dvr for those functions?
I read somewhere that alternate software can be used to allow the built in motion detection to trigger zoneminder recording.  This unit has been branded with various labels and apparently some of them use alternate firmware.  Anyone have more on that?  I don't really know how the built in triggering compares to what can be done with the streamed video but would be good to know about the options.