Automation for the physically challenged


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Recently, ELK and other companies were invited to participate in helping a former automation installer that now has ALS. With a lot of volunteer work and some innovative hardware and software, the life of Steve Smith is a great deal brighter today.

Read and watch the complete story of this installation:

It will warm the heart and give you lots of ideas.
I saw that slideshow last week, very impressive stuff. I am glad to see that so many people & companies still care about things like this.
What a nice story and to see the humanity which is embedded in the industry. Those people involved at all levels of involvement take a bow!

I don't know Steve but he must have been blown away by his friends and the way in which the industry responded.

Good things still do happen.....


Setnetpro won an award at EHX for doing this project. It was the Most Innovative Installation Award.