Home Automation for the Handicapped using the Elk M1


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Steve Smith is a long time Home Automation industry veteran who has designed and installed Home Systems for 20 years. Today he has Lou Gehrig's disease and home automation has become mandatory for him. Steve has lost his ability to speak and the paralysis that slowly and completly paralyzes it's victims is moving throughout his body.

So, when Steve asked me to help him with a system for his home in 2005, I eagerly agreed. What I did not expect was that so many people would volunteer their services and products. Now there is hope for others like Steve. Lou Gehrig's patients are in almost every city of America. Read how Home Automation gave Steve a reason to continue and about how this automation design could help someone near you. And you may just well be the person to bring a difference in someone's life.

The main controller is the Elk M1 but there are a number of other subsystems that play an integral role in his day to day activities.

This install won the 2007 CE Techome Mark of Excellence Innovation Award. However the award is bigger than anything one person could do. It was the team effort that's the real winner and it's the fact that home automation can do something that even the doctors can't that demands attention!

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