Big weekend elk plans shot down


I received my elk panel and all my accessories this week. I was so excited for the long weekend to have some time to play around. Little did I know that you can't just download the software, that you have to register, and it has to be approved. Wish it said that on the how to download software paper that came in the box! :angry:
If you call me in the office (here now) I will be happy to get you the software so you can get going on it right away.

Service on a Sunday night on a holiday weekend. If that doesn't beat everyone elses customer service nothing will.
Hehe Digger, yeah, it was a long weekend. We have lots of projects going on right now that sure seem to take a lot of time!

Thanks for the offer, I didn't see it until late and the wife had other plans for me by then. Anyway, I really appreciate the offer!!