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[Blogs] If the shoe fits - Its all about how you twist it......

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When my wife and I first talked about wiring the house way back when, she made it clear that she wanted all the components out of sight. I wired appropriately. It wasn't until we moved in that I realized I hadn’t considered the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360.

Obviously I had just assumed that they would be in the basement with the rest of the components. I didn’t think about how we would change games, or weather or not the wireless remotes would work that far away. Further to that, how would I get the Wii sensor bar upstairs by the TV? Hmmmmm…….

Well, a small victory was that the remotes DO work from that far away, but the problems with switching games and the Wii sensor bar are still there.

I explained these problems to my wife and subsequently requested permission to cut a hole in the drywall in the living room to add a box for a wall plate to hook the Xbox and Wii into. FAT CHANCE! She was not having any of it……

Fast forward to this past weekend. I invited a friend over while my wife was at work and we decided to play a game on the Wii. I went and got 2 spools of cable left over from my install, cut them to length, put ends on them and ran them down the hallway from the living room to the master bedroom where I have roughed in cables for a future TV. After hooking the appropriate cables in downstairs, we had the Wii hooked in.

While hooking this up, our conversation went something like this:

Me: …..and then we will run these down the hallway to the living room. Then the Wii will work on the TV in there.
Friend: What is your wife going to think of that?
Me: She will probably say something like “What the hell is this?â€. Maybe after seeing what we have to do to play games on the Wii she will let me put a wall plate in the corner there……
Friend: doubtful

Well my wife comes home:

Wife: What the hell is this?
Me: We had to run those cables so we could play games on the Wii. I will clean them up when we are done.
Wife: So these have to be here every time we turn on the Wii?
Me: or the Xbox, yes, unless I can put in that Wall plate.
Wife: Well, if you put it over in the corner there, it won’t really be visible, right?

Success! I am gathering the parts this week and will run cables next weekend. I guess you just have to twist how you ask her…….

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