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btw, my name is Brandon ... :(


cheap water cooling system with an upgraded pump, boosted the performance of the computer by about 5%, so say what you will, it works ... :D


Initial setup of telco distribution, still kinda sloppy, and still a ways to go, but it works.


initial setup of relay setup, they will eventually be replaced by a M1XOVR and mounted on one of the brackets.


prox reader installed on back door. one of these days i will get around to painting the garage.


power strip and 12vdc power supply, came out of a seperate can, mounted on plastic standoffs.


latest elk photo, started installing wire channel, one of these days i will finish ... :)


network photos two to eight drops to every room, and a dedicated server. the FIOS provides about 30MBPS and about 99% reliability ...


photo of the 300lbs maglock installed on the back door, this door was broken down previously. (locked myself out) so it is in dire need of replacement.


the two cans installed in the closet, still in need of some work, but it is fully functional.


wire channel #1 installed, the rest will come ...

mods, i appologize for the size, the site i host from does not allow me to post thumbnails.

Mike said:
Nice setup. I like the wire channel to the left of the elk, good idea.
i actually stole the wire channel idea from electron, he made me realize that i could use it on more than network racks ... :eek:

good call on the big elk can. I'm jealous.

that was one of the three things that i told martin.

1. huge can
2. flush mount door
3. flush mounted can ... i dont like things sticking out in my network closet. :p

It's under the Showcase forum! wink.gif

Welcome to CT Brandon!

I was wondering if you could explain the components of your network rack for me?
I am just about to start my "Batcave" wiring closet install, so any information from you would be greatly appreciated!

Everything looks great!

Take care!
yes, i can:

from the top:
1. shelf holding monitor, KVM extender, router

2. 48 port patch panel, used to quickly and cleanly terminate runs of CAT (5, 5e, 6) but remember, dont mix and match ... your network is only as strong as its weakest link ...

3. gigabit switch, i went with gig because i have twin FIOS lines comming in with 30mbps/10mbps (D/U) and i wanted to take advantage of that speed.

4. 12 port patch panel. used for incomming lines and connection to the router, and other connections required on the back of the rack

5. wire organizer, obviously doing very little. :eek:

6. 24 port patch panel, used for un-trusted outlets such as those in the garage, outside, and wireless routers. just keeps things clean in my head.

7. vent panel ... just used to space electricity from cat5e ... i hate noise ...

8. power strip, powers most of the items on the rack

9. vent panel ... same as #7

10. KVM switch, used to hook multiple computers up to a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

11. vent panel ... air flow space for the server

12. old server ... dual P4, tons of memory, RAID 0, four 36gig SATA HD's, basically a paperweight because of the ethernet card ... still just 10/100, still host a few sites off of it. dont pay enough, dont get much ... :p

13. on the bottom is my PC, its a beast ... hehe

any specific questions, please ask. :D

edit: btw, you interested in buying a slightly used seven foot tall 19" rack?
few updates

Modified a Temp Sensor, cant stand that "biscut" ... or the LED ... :)

Top Shot of ELK can. Starting to get full ...

Bottom Shot of ELK can. even more full ... im thinking about another 50" can just for power stuff ... battery, relays, power supplies, etc ...

Just a shot of how the boards are stacked, used HAI standoffs ...