Can i hook up speakers like this?


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Can i run the outputs of the Elk M1, Elk-120, and my whole house amp all in parallel to the speaker load. The elks won't be sending much often (doorbell via the voice module and right now i have voice disabled on the m1)

Note: I'm not talking about the impedence, i already have niles matched for 4 ohms which all 3 can handle. I'm just wondering about current being pushed into an amp that normally puts it out? Sorry been a long time since physics...

thx in advance
hooking up speaker loads in parallel is safe (within impedance limits). hooking up powered sources/amplifiers in parallel is risky. hooking up line level outputs or inputs in parallel is probably safe, but can degrade quality.

Can you use a mixer to handle it all at line level, then use your whole house amp to get it to speaker level?
Thx wayne,

Ya i'm ok on the impendence.. (unless connecting multiple amps would impact the impedence).

I'm just worried if it's technically ok to power same load with two or three amps at the same time... I could do a mixer, just seems like another place to degrade the music quality. (the speech/doorbell i don't really care. If i could find quality relays that won't pop, etc, i could trigger the speaker level input from the three sources (i.e upon doorbell ring)... (rs-232 switching seems a huge overkill for a doorbell :) )