Help choosing an automation platform

Oh I misunderstood.  I thought it didn't include speech and voice recognition (my own voice).  Yeah I'd like it to announce alerts with speech.
Dean: For I/O at this point, I can just think of the driveway probe and water leak sensor.  I'll prob come up with other applications as time goes by, though.
With CQC you can do voice control via the Echo, which also allows CQC to talk back to you with information which is nice. So you can ask it questions about the state of your system and it can tell you.
On the TTS side, you just load the TTS driver and point it at an audio output. That output can be sent to whatever you want to handle your announcements. It's often sent to an input on the multi-zone audio controller. CQC can switch to broadcast mode during speech announcements (or if none is supported just switch the outputs temporarily) and then switch back to whatever they were before when its done.