Can I use Floodstop additional sensor with Elk M1



This is related to the new ELK-SWV water valve. Floodstop have an option to add extra sensors

I like the idea of these as they are large plates rather than just two small contacts which could corrode and not make contact when you need them. They are also hardwired which would be reliable.

My questions are
1) Could this even work?
and if so
2) Could I could I cut off the connector where it would normally connect to the floodstop controller only a meter away, and instead run two wires to an Elk input zone? My furthest run would be 30ft of wire.
3) Also would I need to power this with a 5v or 12v power supply perhaps
4) do I also need a resister?

All you need is two contacts tied to the input of the ELK M1. Set the zone up as normally open. When the water resistance gets below about 1000 ohms the zone will trigger.

We demonstrate the water sensor with just two stripped wires from a zip cord dipped into tap water. Keep in mind, you need sensor contacts that will not corrode with time. Such as stainless steel contacts. George Risk and others have water sensing probe devices. The sensor you reference from Floodstop should work fine.

You can parallel multiple devices on the same zone. You will have to clear the water before the zone will restore whenever tripped.

You can use the feedback wire from the water sensor to turn on indicator lights, say on one of the F keys on the keypad. Use the F Key to make the water sensor move to the next open or closed state.

Write a Rule to cycle the value from Open to Closed to Open every few days to keep the valve clean.

Happy water sensing! :)