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Where can one find american made Cat 6 bulk cable on-line at a good price. Seems most of the sites I have located have good prices but the product is made in China. I am looking for 3 to 5 boxes of 1K length. Thks for any feedback.
I did some searching for you and I almost fainted from sticker shock. Do you have a specific manufacturer in mind, i.e. Belden? That would narrow my search and I can check some of my previous suppliers. Looks like the price of copper is still outrageous.
Thanks for searching. I know what you mean about the price of Cu-. I just finished plumbing all our new additon and re-plumbing the old with Cu- throughout. Thanks to China it is going out of sight.

No, I do not have a particular manufacturer in mind, although Belden is right at the top. Also I am looking at General Cable. Home Depot carries this brand, but Cat 5e only, and it is manufactured in China. Actually most all of HD hardware and electircal is manufactured in China.

I am trying to stay with US made cable as I have heard that China's cabling is not up to the same strict standards.

I am still searching also. If I find any good deals I will post it.

Thanks again for your help