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CEDIA Denver


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I saw this thread and was suprised there has been no mention of CEDIA in Denver September 13-17(unless I missed it). I know there are at least 2 Cocooners in Denver that are going, any others coming? I'm pretty sure I saw Spanky say he would be there. Maybe there could be a CT get together in Denver as well. I really enjoyed meeting everyone at the Spring EHX but will not be going to Long Beach due to a lack of funding. I would offer my house, but I live pretty far from the convention center and I'm pretty sure I would be sleeping on the couch for a while. :D I wen't to school in Denver so I know where the good bars are.


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I think I am the other CTer Opie mentions. I will be at the show for 4 days also.

Spanky, I didn't see any listing for Elk doing an MFG session at this show. Is that correct? I will surely spend time in your booth talking about various components of the Elk line.


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We'll be there!

Booth 675.

PRO-100 training for CEDIA members/dealers will be Friday, 9/15 from 12-3pm.


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