CES Exclusive Update


Harmony remotes were offering a line of remote controllers that can contain macros to run a variety of equipment. Their claim to fame is that when someone wants to say, watch a DVD, you can program a "Watch Movie" macro button that will turn on the TV to the right AV source, turn on the DVD and change the control "run" "stop" buttons to control the DVD.

They have these menus that you answer about how you want to use the remote via their web page, and then you can download the macro and IR codes into the remove (has USB interface).

They also have an extensive library of audio/video IR system codes on their web site that you can already download without having to learn another remote.

They are offering "dealers" these remotes for substantial discounts (one per dealer) so they can get familiar with them (something like $120 for a $220 remote). If anyone is interested I can fax them the order form.


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Polk audio had this display of their line of speaker and subwoofers in this display car (looked pretty wild)!


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Nisisusa.com is offering this combination, small video camera, digital camera, web cam, portable hard drive and MP3 player for $199. Here is a picture of the ad above their display.


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I had NO IDEA what they were displaying in this booth, but there was always a crowd around it, hmmmm.


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Well, for my last image, here is a picture of the parking lot space where I had to park my truck. Those miserable #$@!$&^ at the Las Vegas Hilton were charging $20 just for that morning (temporary setup) just to rip off people attending CES (there was no other place to park within walking distance that I could find).

So for $20 I took a picture of it. Hope your happy Hilton!!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures. I rushed through the show and probably will not go back this year (it runs through Sunday) so some of the information displayed here may not be 100 percent correct.

I do have some literature that I obtained from these and other booths so if your interested in anything you think might have been there, give me a shout and I'll see if I picked up anything related to your request.



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