Chat Transcript - Securifi (Almond+) - 02/22/2013


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<Ram_Securifi> Hello all
<Gatoreye> hello
<Ram_Securifi> this is Ram from Securifi
<acryan> hello
<DSteiNeuro2> Hey
<electron> hi Ram_Securifi, can you send me a private message onhere confirming it's really you please ;)
<Dayyyymmm> Hi Ram
<Ram_Securifi> Good evening
<Ram_Securifi> sure electron
<electron> Just don't want the competition to walk in here and impersonate your company ;)
<electron> OK, confirmed, thanks :)
<electron> hey guys
<Ram_Securifi> Since the questions arent coming yet, perhaps some of you can tell us what HA systems you are using?
<electron> That's a great question
<DSteiNeuro2> HomeSeer
<GeorgeM> CQC and Elk
<Gatoreye> HS
<electron> How many of you guys are using Z-Wave/ZigBee already ?
<Timoh> Housebot is on it's way out, moving towards OpenHAB
<GeorgeM> Using Zwave
<acryan> i have a question on VPN is it going to be a passthou or a l2tp server vpn
<Timoh> +1 for zwave
<electron> on its way out? because of the lack of activity, or was it announced/
<electron> ?
<electron> UPB & Z-Wave here.
<DSteiNeuro2> HS with Z wave
<Timoh> Just me, I'm moving away from HB
<Ram_Securifi> Cool, thanks for the answers
<Gatoreye> I certainly might start by using your box :)
<Timoh> Swapping out Insteon for xwave
<electron> The Z-Wave eco system is so big, door locks, water sensors, thermostats, light switches, appliance modules
<electron> so much out there
<Timoh> Nothing on Zigbee yet, but looking at xbee shields for the Arduino's.
<tonyno> insteon and a few straggler x10 here
<acryan> i will be adding zwave removing x10
<Ram_Securifi> acryan, we support VPN end-point mode for l2tp and pptp and passthrough mode for IPSec
<electron> wow, it's a VPN router as well?
<acryan> thanks
<Timoh> I'm curious about the API...
<Ram_Securifi> yeah
<Timoh> How wide ranging will it be?
<Timoh> Can we control the screen?
<Timoh> Full access to all zwave commands?
<electron> Just in case things get too busy, wasn't directed towards you ;)
<Timoh> I did see, API was not going to be released, but then it said it was.
<Ram_Securifi> yes, Timoh, you can control the screen using the native Almond+ API we are making available to developers
<Timoh> Are HA DIY folks considered developpers?
<Ram_Securifi> Also every Almond+ will ship open root/console access
<Gatoreye> I think many of us are curious about the necessity of the cloud service and is there any possibility to not use the cloud and get events directly from the device. I think a lot of us would be interested in that functionality.
<Timoh> Or is there an alliance or $$$ sdk to buy to be "developer"?
<Ram_Securifi> We limited the pledges initially just to mkae sure we have enough resources to support them
<Ram_Securifi> Once its released, we expect to make the SDK available to everyone
<acryan> SDzk Free
<Timoh> Ok. Because us DIYers are a demanding bunch. :)
<acryan> yup lol
<Timoh> Is the screen capacitive or resistive? I see styluses in some pics.
<Ram_Securifi> Yeah, I have gone through Cocoontech and realize most of you are doing very cool stuff and very much ahead of the typical HA user
<Ram_Securifi> Yeah, so I know :)
<Timoh> I'm tired of using my fingernail on resistive screens.
<GeorgeM> Did we get an answer to the question about the cloud?
<Timoh> or sharp pointy things like styluses.
<electron> Not yet. We'll have to give him a chance to answer ;)
<Ram_Securifi> Its Resistive touch, but many many customers mentioned its unusually sensitive for a res touch screen
<Ram_Securifi> we choose this for the original Almond to keep the costs down :)
<electron> Resistive should be ok, most of my screens are resistive, and they work fine with full finger presses
<acryan> as far as for the wifi will there be a guest network option
<Ram_Securifi> I missed the question about the cloud
<Ram_Securifi> can someone repeat
<Timoh> I had an old resitive fujitsu which was awful. The coffee machine at work is resistive, just as bad.
<Gatoreye> I think many of us are curious about the necessity of the cloud service and is there any possibility to not use the cloud and get events directly from the device. I think a lot of us would be interested in that functionality.
<electron> Will the cloud connection be required? Can we use the Almond+ features without it ?
<Ram_Securifi> Yes, all the events are stored both locally and on the cloud
<electron> So we can disable the Cloud portion?
<Ram_Securifi> we did realize given its a security dvice some of you want to turn the cloud off. We will support this
<Timoh> Is it safe to assume that events can be accessed via the API?
<Ram_Securifi> unlike some others
<electron> This is great!
<tonyno> agreed
<Gatoreye> uh, can I get a hell ya?
<Gatoreye> :)
<Ram_Securifi> We are aware for example Smartthings wouldnt allow local control
<Dayyyymmm> Hell yeah!
<Ram_Securifi> This is one of the reasons we are giving out native SDK and not just a cloud API
<Gatoreye> exactly. Oh man you just made my night!
<electron> Will it support multiple ZigBee profiles at once?
<Ram_Securifi> There are some challanges to do that which we mentioned in one of our posts already
<Timoh> A connection for would be great.
<Ram_Securifi> But we think there is a possibility to include both ZHA (Home Automation) and ZLL (Light Link) but this is not confirmed
<Ram_Securifi> In case we cant include both, we will be focusing on ZHA
<electron> That's the right approach IMO, great to hear!
<Ram_Securifi> I guess the philips ZLL hub is quite cheap now, $20 :)
<pete_c> I saw a mention of a web interface; can you provide a picture of the web interface for the new device?
<electron> What about ZigBee Smart Energy?
<electron> That's one other profile I can see become popular,
<electron> and some thermostats already support it.
<Timoh> What will the API be like? REST?
<Ram_Securifi> Unfortunately the Smart Energy stack is completely different from ZHA and ZLL
<Ram_Securifi> This is the tragic thing with ZigBee where I feel the standard wasnt well thought out :(
<electron> Agreed, they really dropped the ball, announcing all these standards, just to come out with more 'standards'.
<atrueresistance> Would the cloud be supported even if the almond is a slave wireless bridge? Ie I have a 1u pfsense router and dd-wrt wireless bridge.
<Ram_Securifi> BAsed on what we heard, they are working on a unified profile standard for ZigBee 2013
<Gatoreye> what type of sensors would we get with the kickstarter project?
<Ram_Securifi> Yes, clould will be supported when its in Bridge mode also
<acryan> nice
<GeorgeM> will it have upgradeable firmware and if so how
<Timoh> Will it be able to support other 802.15.4 protocols which are not zigbee?
<Ram_Securifi> Besides the usual Contact Sensor, Power Switch, we are also looking to see if we can provide an OEM deadbolt :)
<Gatoreye> nice
<Gatoreye> What inspired the Doc Brown video? It was hysterical.
<acryan> is there a limit to the amount of bridge devices
<Ram_Securifi> Its the 1.21 Jigawatts and you know our router supports Gigabit WiFi, lol
<Timoh> How easy would it be to load other 802.15.4 stacks other than zigbee?
<acryan> also like to know what type of sensors would we get with the kickstarter project?
<Ram_Securifi> acryan, Besides the usual Contact Sensor, Power Switch, we are also looking to see if we can provide an OEM deadbolt
<Gatoreye> are you running your own Zwave software or are you using something like OpenZWave?
<Ram_Securifi> Yes, the firmware will be upgradable through its Web interface and the touchscreen - This is doable on the original Almond also
<acryan> sorry missed it
<Gatoreye> thermo/temp or motion sensors might not be bad as well if you can't get the deadbolt.
<Ram_Securifi> Thanks for the suggestion, Gatoreye
<electron> I'm assuming the device will support the Z-Wave door locks and Z-Wave beaming ?
<Ram_Securifi> Yes, it will support Z-Wave door locks. Our CES demo had that.
<Gatoreye> if we wanted to run something like your "cloud", would it be possible to run it on a local server installation on our own network?
<Ram_Securifi> and yes to Z-Wave beaming also
<Timoh> yummmm... Private cloud....
<pete_c> Will there be a JTAG interface if we totally trash the device while playing?
<acryan> good .
<acryan> ?
<Ram_Securifi> Gatoreye, Timoh, all the rules and events will be stored locally so you can run your own server without using the cloud
<Ram_Securifi> pete_c, we will have a console connector. There was too little space to JTAG
<Ram_Securifi> we had to cram a lot of radios in there
<pete_c> great news
<acryan> :)
<Gatoreye> yes, but I was curious if it would be possible to mimic your existing cloud layout (database/tables) to have the data be pushed out to a local sql server instead of yours
<Ram_Securifi> Also yes to OpenZWave, this is what we are using
<electron> Will the Almond+ support running as a picture frame?
<Ram_Securifi> Yes to pictureframe, we have this demo app working on the original Almond in our lab..
<Timoh> Are you planning on developing any plugins for popular HA software?
<Timoh> Or will just rely on HA vendors to write their own using your API
<pete_c> what zigbee transceiver chip does it use?
<electron> He'll be back, probably opened a link which redirected his chat window.
<tonyno> heh
<GeorgeM> While he is gone, this is looking good.
<Timoh> A video showing Almond+ and a Arduino with xbee shield controlling LEDs would be nice... Even if it is just eye-candy and basic setup.
<pete_c> yup
<Gatoreye> no kidding
<electron> I am very impressed with the device AND the company attitude
<electron> welcome back
<Ram_Securifi> sorry guys, my browser crashed
<Ram_Securifi> too many tabs :)
<Timoh> Not connected to an Almond+ I hope. :s
<electron> Now that's funny ;)
<Ram_Securifi> connected to the original Almond
<Ram_Securifi> I need the + now!!
<electron> more power!
<Gatoreye> the price point is incredible but I'm curious would you ever consider just the home automation controller without the touchscreen and router capabilities?
<ToddB_H> yeah -something with more screen and less plastic
<Ram_Securifi> Gatoreye, we did think about this but havent made any concrete plans
<Ram_Securifi> so just out of curiousity what would you like to see? WiFi + Ethernet (1 port) + ZigBee + Z-Wave?
<Gatoreye> for example, I'll be buying it, but have no use for the router or touchscreen/large bezel
<Gatoreye> yep - exactly
<acryan> what do you like more zwave or zigbee
<pete_c> 2 ethernet ports
<Ram_Securifi> what about for the initial pairing of devices?
<electron> I do think the touch screen is a great bonus to manage your Z-Wave network.
<Ram_Securifi> touchscreen is useful for that
<electron> Especially at that price point.
<Ram_Securifi> I think once you pair it you can use your server/App for the control
<Gatoreye> I'm not balking at the approx $100 price point because NOTHING comes close at that price point but this thing is so good if you just had a web interface and dropped the touchscreen/router is it like $25?
<Ram_Securifi> I am also interested in hearing your thoughts on what kind of sensors you would like to see
<pete_c> what zigbee transceiver chip does it use?
<Gatoreye> I can't even understand how you can do it for as cheap as you are. but I'm not complaining!!! :)
<GeorgeM> How confident are you about your estimated delivery dates?
<GeorgeM> Sensors - Motion
<Gatoreye> could I mention a sensor that I like that might be a competitor?
<Ram_Securifi> Gatoreye, our goal is to bring the costs down. So we will be looking into standalone controller
<Timoh> I use zwave for lights, motion, some temp. Soon to be zwave locks too. I use zigbee for talking to my arduino and I do digital in, digital out, analog in.
<Ram_Securifi> sure
<Gatoreye> the sensor tag seems pretty interesting
<pete_c> Sensors - temperature
<Timoh> So on the zigbee side, I'm not sensor specific. i use my 'duino to do all my sensoring
<Ram_Securifi> We are using Atmel now but its very possible we will change to Silicon Labs IC in production
<Gatoreye> since it can detect change in orientation
<electron> The sensors look great.
<electron> I was going to ask if there is any chance of supporting Bluetooth 4.0. There are some interesting long-range Bluetooth 4.0 sensors coming out.
<Ram_Securifi> I remember seeing this Agreed, great little device
<Gatoreye> temp/humidity, contact, motion, orientation, pressure
<electron> Being able to trigger tasks based on sensors coming within range would be great.
<Gatoreye> yeah he balked though when I inquired running things locally like you are going to allow us to do. :)
<Gatoreye> but I do admit the tag with the ability to beep it and detect orientation seemed really useful. could you do something like that?
<Ram_Securifi> I see, yeah, this is becoming a problem since lot of manufacturers insist that everything goes through their cloud
<Ram_Securifi> we dont do this
<Ram_Securifi> your home, your choice, how to control it
<Gatoreye> yes which is why you'll be getting my business for sure
<pete_c> Like Atmel; fast.
<electron> You will be getting a lot of business because of that
<electron> an example of the bluetooth 4.0 sensor I was talking about
<electron> 100ft range
<Ram_Securifi> electron, BT 4.0 is very much on our radar
<electron> That's great to hear.
<electron> Can you tell us more about the API? Timoh was also wondering about this (REST, etc.)
<acryan> any plans to allow a celluar sim card for traviling
<Ram_Securifi> We may not be able to finish BT4.0 for the initial launch. But we will be working on this for sure
<electron> Maybe via a BT4.0 USB adapter?
<Gatoreye> so is all this stuff we discussed going to be available Monday?
<Ram_Securifi> Yes, the cloud API is REST based
<Ram_Securifi> Gatoreye :)
<Timoh> Thanks
<Timoh> What about built in support for other cloud services? Google calendar, location based services, twitter, etc
<Ram_Securifi> acryan, we do support 2G/3G/4G dongles
<Guest_931> Hello Ram - Thanks for taking time to chat with us. Regarding home automation, do you think which protocol will ultimately rule? Zigbee? Z-wave? There are niche products by iSmartAlarm and SmartThings with their own controllers and devices. Which system would be a good investment w/o getting stuck with proprietary gear and protocol?
<Ram_Securifi> via usb. This is how we did the CES demo.
<Ram_Securifi> IMHO ultimately ZigBee could rule it but they have to clean up the mess they have with different profiles :)
<acryan> i did see that just wanted to verify that would be supported and not just a demo feture
<Ram_Securifi> They are planning to do this with ZigBee PRO 2013
<pete_c> Openpeak went with a Silicon Labs zigbee chip
<electron> BTW folks, for any non Almond questions, don't hesitate to use the forums as well ;)
<Ram_Securifi> But right now as you all are aware, there are just a lot more Z-Wave sensors available
<electron> Z-Wave has the largest eco system right now
<Gatoreye> so are you planning to offer more of your own sensors or are you relying on users to purchase existing Zwave/Zigbee ones to get started?
<Ram_Securifi> so in the near term, I think Z-Wave will be the more popular one
<Guest_931> True. Amazon has more Z-wave products than Zigbee
<electron> Plus any decent home automation controller lets you combine multiple protocols.
<electron> (such as the Almond+ ;) )
<electron> Ram, are there any plans to support INSTEON or UPB in the future ?
<Ram_Securifi> Gatoreye, originally we didnt plan to make sensors. But we are talking to some OEMs and also started working on some sensors. So down the line we want to make affordble sensors also :)
<Gatoreye> It would be nice to get sensors from the same manufacturer as the controller since it would be a greater likelihood of them working well together.
<pete_c> how popular is zigbee now in the pacific rim relating to Home automation? Sibo (China) is putting zigbee interfaces in many of their touch screen products.
<acryan> looking ahead where do you see the router going
<Timoh> oh no... not the upb/x10/insteon/zwave/plc debate again. ;)
<electron> not a debate, a fair question for the people who already use these technologies ;)
<Guest_931> Could you please tell more about the Securify cloud that will enable communication between Almond+ and the mobile app? Hope you are not planning to charge a subscription fee :p
<Timoh> What about built in support for other cloud services? Having Almond+ read Google calendar, location based services, having Almond+ tweet to twitter, etc
<Ram_Securifi> Insteon is a tough one!! We (originally) thought its on its way out. Are we wrong?
<tonyno> not here ;)
<electron> Wrong, yes.
<electron> But it is more difficult to implement than say UPB.
<Ram_Securifi> There will be no subscription fees for the cloud App access
<electron> Insteon is dual mode now, via powerline, and RF.
<pete_c> Yeah I use X10, Insteon, UPB and Z-wave here; next zigbee..
<acryan> nice
<Timoh> x10 was on it's way out 10 years ago, still plenty around. Suspect Inteaon will be around for years to come.
<electron> x10 is definitely out, no new hardware, existing hardware is more expensive now.
<tonyno> 10? try 20 lol
<GeorgeM> How confident are you of the estimated delivery dates?
<Ram_Securifi> Timoh, that is a great idea.
<electron> SmartLabs is still coming out with new (and cool) insteon devices.
<Ram_Securifi> GeorgeM, I will answer your question with expected probability :)
<acryan> i am moving away from x10 to many issues for me
<Timoh> When will the API be available? September as well?
<Guest_931> Timoh - may be APIs will enable some of that integration, no?
<Gatoreye> yes could we get a guestimate of when we might get the hardware?
<Ram_Securifi> We think we have given ourselves enough margin for unexpected issues with Hardware or Software. So I would say 95% + chance we will deliver on time.
<acryan> as i am mainly a mac users will your SDK support both mac and PC
<Guest_931> I just purchased Almond and have also contributed to Almond+ campaign! Wondering if I really need another router...
<Ram_Securifi> We will have the (beta) hardware ready in Jun/Jul
<Ram_Securifi> acryan, Its best to use a Linux machine for cross compiling our SDK
<Timoh> <Guest_931> may be APIs will enable some of that integration, no? Via a server or something, yes. I'm wondering about natively from Almond+
<Timoh> And it sounded like a good idea from Ram. :)
<electron> Can the router functionality be disabled (in case it is used as an appliance, maybe even same some cpu).
<electron> ?
<Timoh> It's always best to use a linux machine :)
<pete_c> are there any plans for a camera interface and/or SIP on the device?
<Timoh> for everything.
<Ram_Securifi> electron, thats a great question, we will provide an option to disable WiFi
<Gatoreye> +1 electron's question
<acryan> will you be offering a option for the beta with put the sensors at a low cost
<acryan> beta unit without sensors
<Ram_Securifi> Given IP cameras have become cheap enough, you could use one of the 4 available LAN ports to connect one
<Timoh> Are all the antenna's internal?
<Ram_Securifi> acryan, yes we are planning to announce a pledge without sensors. We heard the same from many existing HA users who have tons of Z-Wave stuff
<electron> So the touch screen could be used to display/cycle through RSTP/MJPEG camera sources?
<acryan> glad to hear
<Guest_931> wud i be able to connect webcam thru the usb port?
<acryan> i like toget testing in jun/jul
<Timoh> +1 <acryan> i like toget testing in jun/jul
<acryan> i am using a ipad as i am mobile so sorry for the crapy typing
<Ram_Securifi> electron, this is possible to do using our native SDK.
<Ram_Securifi> When we come out with the picture App, we will do something about this
<electron> This is a great. Now you could use this as a baby cam monitor, using the cheap IP foscam cameras (which have audio).
<Gatoreye> so do you have plans for any other type of hardware implementations you could tell us about?
<Timoh> wifi foscam baby monitor has great WAF from personal experience.
<electron> Yep, turn this into a baby monitor, and you just gained more customers, as it is now easy to justify to get one of these for the living room.
<pete_c> any voip functions for the future; many folks are talking about the Fritz!Box lately
<Ram_Securifi> Gatoreye, at this time we have our hands full with Almond+. We we will be getting into sensors once we are done with the router hardware. What other hardware do you have in mind?
<Ram_Securifi> Pete, sorry, no voip plans now
<GeorgeM> Ram, I've got to leave, but you sold me tonight. Thanks
<Gatoreye> besides just the straight HA controller as mentioned before nothing in particular. I just thought maybe you had something else interesting in the works. ;)
<Gatoreye> any possibily for USB 3.0 or eSata for external storage?
<Ram_Securifi> Thanks GeorgeM
<Guest_931> Ram - another feature could be to make Almond+ as the home server for streaming all sorts of media
<Guest_931> Also, how about AirPlay like functionality supported in Apple Airport? That would be an awesome addition!!
<Gatoreye> curious if a larger touchscreen/smaller bezel would dramatically increase the cost?
<acryan> DNLA Support
<Ram_Securifi> Gatoreye, in hindsight we do regret not choosing a processor with USB3.0. But we had to make some compromises to meet the $99 pricing
<Ram_Securifi> And changing processor now would be bad for the schedule and cost
<Gatoreye> not a deal breaker at that price point for sure - just asking
<Timoh> +1 for DLNA
<Gatoreye> +1 for DLNA
<Ram_Securifi> acryan, Timoh, DLNA already works on Almond+ in our lab :)
<electron> Will the device be able to act as a WiFi client, so all you need is power, allowing you to move it around (a little, too much would mess up the Z-Wave network I guess).
<Timoh> Can you expand on "DLNA already works"? I think folks are asking about controlling DLNA devices from Almond+
<Ram_Securifi> electron, in the bridge mode, it will act as a client
<acryan> airplay would be nice btw
<Gatoreye> Any chance for a more expensive model with some upgraded features? faster processor/more RAM,USB 3.0, larger screen, etc. for those willing to pay for it?
<electron> We'll help you design it :)
<acryan> :)
<Timoh> A cocoontech branded device. I like it.
<pete_c> what CPU is it currently using?
<Ram_Securifi> Timoh, you can connect a USB device with media and stream using DLNA. I will have to check about the control part..
<Gatoreye> I'm serious
<Guest_931> Ram_Securifi - Is Almond+ running on ported Linux?
<Timoh> Thanks. I'm talking about play, pause, select playlist, etc.
<Ram_Securifi> Airplay will be hard, guys
<Ram_Securifi> We have to pay the Apple tax for that
<Timoh> :(
<acryan> ya apple keeps things close
<Ram_Securifi> yes, Almond+ runs on Linux
<Timoh> If someone really wanted to go deep, could they write their own distribution for it and load it up on the Almond+
<electron> I can see someone shoving XBMC on there already ;)
<Ram_Securifi> The next version (faster processor, etc.) is a while away. We want to first make sure the current one is rock solid and stable
<Ram_Securifi> electron, sorry, no to XBMC :)
<Timoh> Does it have sticky feet? If we are always tapping at it, and it's on smooth surface, it will slide.
<electron> oh I agree, but putting XBMC on everything with a screen is the new thing to do ;)
<electron> I agree, I am also wondering about the device moving when we touch the screen.
<acryan> all about plex lol
<Gatoreye> have you had any issues with overheating?
<pete_c2> acryan are you from acryan dot com
<Ram_Securifi> Timoh, electron, it does have 4 rubber feet on the back that should absorb the pressure when touched
<electron> Does the device have a built-in speaker, so we can use Text-To-Speech (or even stream audio)?
<Timoh> WHat about the stand? ie: The bottom?
<acryan> pete_c2: no
<Timoh> Does the stand/bottom have sticky feet, not the back? Trying to save myself a trip to Walmart to buy some.
<acryan> streaming audio or adding a 3.5 port for audio out would be nice
<Gatoreye> definitely +1 on a speaker
<acryan> i could replace a express
<Ram_Securifi> I think the bottom stand doesnt have the feet now. We didnt see any movement when touched in that orientation
<electron> Any chance to cram a speaker in there? :)
<Ram_Securifi> electron, audio port for the future version, perhaps :)
<Ram_Securifi> We are maxed out on the processor IOs now
<acryan> lets try for the current one lol
<Ram_Securifi> I will be signing off at 10:30. Any final questions?
<Timoh> I'm good.
<pete_c2> So its $500 if we really want to play eh?
<electron> I will post the chat transcript on the site. If anyone has any more questions, they can post in that thread, and I will let you know about them. Thank you for doing this, you have answered many questions, we are very grateful!
<acryan> would like to see a cheaper beta as i am on a bugget
<pete_c2> Thank you Ram_Securifi - great stuff!
<Ram_Securifi> pete, we are planning to announce a cheaper beta version without the sensors
<acryan> thanks for the chat and creating the next big thing
<Ram_Securifi> the betas are coming off the prototype stage so the cost for us is much higher and also we want to make sure we support these users well
<Ram_Securifi> Thank you guys for the wonderful discussion
<Timoh> Thx
<acryan> i like 130.00 if posable
<acryan> thanks againg you sold me
<acryan> again
<Ram_Securifi> Looks like no more questions.
<Ram_Securifi> Thanks again.
<Ram_Securifi> Good night !!
<electron> We want to let you go, you have been very busy. Thanks again!
<acryan> night all
<electron> before everyone else leaves ...
<Gatoreye> Thanks guys!
<Ram_Securifi> Thank you to electron for helping arranging this :)
<electron> Want to invite the new guys to join the forums, and post any home automation questions you have.
<electron> Anytime!
<Ram_Securifi> sure thing!
<pete_c2> Thank you electron!
<popol> great product!
<acryan> thanks
<Gatoreye> do you have an email if we wanted to contact you?
<acryan> i would love a invite
<Ram_Securifi> Gatoreye, we respond to sup[email protected] quite promptly. Better than my personal email :)
<Gatoreye> this chat directly convinced me to purchase your products
<electron> I have been recommending the Mi Casa Verde Vera controllers for a long time.
<electron> Looks like I might have to revise that statement :)
<electron> Ram, one more quick question.
<electron> Are there any plans to support alarm panels?
<Ram_Securifi> Good to hear that, guys
<electron> such as the ELK M1
<Gatoreye> great to see someone that is listening to the DIY HAer. Thank you!!!
<electron> protocol is fairly easy, but I am assuming the 'menu structure' has to exist in order to control the zones/outputs.
<Ram_Securifi> If the protocol is available and interest is there, why not :)
<electron> yea seriously, I don't think I have seen any home automation company this open to input from its potential customers.
<electron> Great :)
<acryan> i want it as my almar is zwave
<acryan> alarm
<electron> Z-Wave is used by many companies such as Time Warner, Verizon, Comcast.
<Gatoreye> it's almost like we all just got together and described what we needed and you made it!
<electron> But being able to monitor the status of your alarm sensors would be nice too.
<Ram_Securifi> This was the reason we introduced the beta test category. We wanted to learn what else we could do before the product goes public
<Gatoreye> my opinion is if you were able to deliver this much functionality in a $100 price point you might find people interested in even more functionality at $150 or $200 (at least I would).
<Gatoreye> at least I would with a company that is this receptive to suggestions from other DIY HAers.
<acryan> ill be looking for the new beta
<acryan> i currenty have one of the 99
<Gatoreye> and I'm not talking about the kickstarter price, I mean when you start selling them regularly.
<electron> Alright, we need to let him go ;)
<electron> Thanks again Ram!
<acryan> yiu rock man
<pete_c> Great stuff guys!
<acryan> you
<Gatoreye> ok, ok... Thanks Ram!