Connecting via Total Connect 2.0 - Advice?


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I own a small office building that is required by local codes to have a dual-path fire panel that connects to the sprinkler system. Verizons POTS lines have been so unreliable every time we get heavy rains (something away from our building apparently floods) that I asked our installer to figure out a different solution. He put in a new Honeywell/Ademco fire panel with IP + Verizon wireless system as the communicator, as the Comcast internet that serves the building has been reasonably solid. He is also touting Honeywells Total Connect 2.0 as the way to arm/disarm and monitor the burglar/sensor side of things, but now Im wondering if that makes sense as opposed to just popping an Envisalink or AD2USB onto the panel (assuming one can even do that) and connecting via a different method.

Can anyone offer any insight on Total Connect 2.0? Has anyone connected a fire panel (commercial) to something like Homeseer to make use of their panels non-fire capabilities such as door and motion sensors? I primarily want to be able to arm/disarm the system, add or delete users, and see whats up with trouble codes, all remotely. I can do all this on my Elk at home with ease, but this fire panel business seems to be a bit more restrictive in terms of what I can do, so Im in uncharted waters as I want to remain in good standing with the fire marshal and insurers. Any advice appreciated.