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Tech Advice Requested Old System

Hi, A few years ago my wife & I bought a vacation home and the place came with a Vista 10P Security panel and Honeywell Ademco 6150 keypad, installed by ADT. The system is currently not being monitored by ADT and I have no idea how long it’s been disconnected.  However, I do not want to pay for a monitoring service that will tell me of a break-in, especially since I know I can receive a text message telling me the same thing… for FREE!
Our second year vacationing I “unlocked” the security panel (oddly my truck canopy key fit the panel box perfectly…karma). I added a new battery and after little Google searching, I was able to sort out the keypad & reprogram access codes with our credentials.  Now we can arm/disarm the system. 
What I am interested in is:
  • Connecting the security panel to the Internet so I can monitor/control the system, receive texts, etc.
  • Adding a thermostat that is also controllable via the Internet. The unit also needs to know whether we are Away or Home.
  • Having some sort of surveillance camera.
Here’s my question.  What do I need to accomplish the above?
I have read a similar recent post  and I am aware of the Envisalink interface that can link this security panel to the Internet. I am assuming this interface can send text/email messages too. There are a number of WiFi thermostats out there with ability to control them and I liked what WiFi Ring doorbell appears to do.  Are there other/better options out there for what I want to do?  Is there a t-stat that can adjust according to the security status (e.g the Nest)?
For a little background, my “Home-home” has a DYI home automation system installed: ISY controller, ElkM1 Gold and a couple web cameras.  But that installation goes way beyond home security.  While the security system in our vacation home is really basic, I think it can do the job.  Especially if I can just add a few things to gain access and control to meet the above needs.  
That said, I already have installed a number of Insteon devices in our vacation home and at some point, may want to add a PLM and ISY controller too.  But not just yet. 
Panel is a proprietary version of a 20P, not a 10P. The screw terminals (and a past life) give it away for me.
Your short list pretty much gets you into a 3rd party product. As far as interfaces to T-stats and similar, Zwave is pretty much going to be your option. Functionality is limited to actions within the panel. Cameras are a separate item. Interface to insteon isn't going to happen.


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If you can get this panel to interface with another ISY then, as you already know, the Internet, and stats are almost drop-ins.
I know ISY has a highly rated Elk interface but, is this compatible, or how would you interface it to an ISY994?