HAI Omni IIe Disconnect/Removal


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Our home is equipped with a HAI Omni IIe for security and smoke detection. When we moved in a few years ago we hired a security company to evaluate the system for use and they recommended we remove and replace everything. We selected a different system and have never used the HAI system in the home. This has been fine but once or twice a year the alarm will sound with multiple errors listed and this repeats a few times before it finally stops. I would like to disable the system for good and would appreciate any guidance with this process.

If the components can be removed without any issue I would offer them for parts.

I‘ve attached a couple of pics if helpful. In addition to these pics, there are two keypads a hand written assignment for 87 items attached throughout the home.

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this challenging system.


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Hello @jle,
You have a high quality HAI system in the pics. To disable it you just need to disconnect the battery shown on the bottom of the low voltage enclosure and the 24v AC power not shown in your pics. Follow the Green, red black wires on the far left top row of the main board barrier strip to find the 24v transformer or can you supply pics of the nearby power outlets or power strip? Please do provide the parts if you don't intend to keep the system. Those parts can help keep existing HAI users running. In addition to the Omni2e, you have a 16 zone expansion and a GE wireless expansion.
Thanks for your guidance. I really appreciate it.

I’ll attach the pics of the surrounding area and boxes. A follow up to the original question if you would share a respons.

- If I disconnect with the fire/smoke detectors still work?

- What does the box to the right do that has GE Security System on it?

- What is the best way to provide these parts once I label and disconnect everything?

Thank you again.


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If your only smoke detectors are powered by the security system, then they will stop working.
Please take the cover off the GE security system enclosure and provide a pic.
The GE enclosure you show open has your coax infrastructure and DirecTV hardware.
The transformer with the red alarm sticker on it is probably the power transformer for the Omni.
You should label every cable you remove so you can reference it to the list you have.
Thanks for the information.

Inside that box is a bundle of unconnected cables. The basement is unfinished but prewired so I assume those cables are for that level if finished.


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Have you already installed your replacement security system? If so, the main issue is checking your smoke detectors.