Contact ID Codes


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Here's a brain teaser for Ademco Contact ID mavens. I am setting up a Telular cellular backup with an M1. This is from the Telular site:

"All rate plans include options for a Telguard Self-Test signal to be sent to your Central Station. The PASS signal verifies the integrity of the Telguard system to your central station and logs status information for that system at the Telular Communications Center. The FAIL signal is transmitted to the central station if the Telguard does not respond. Enter the Self-Test Code(s) and the time of day the Test should be transmitted. You may choose to transmit PASS ONLY, FAIL ONLY, or BOTH.
Automatic Self-Test Code (PASS):
Automatic Self-Test Code (FAIL):
NOTE: No test will occur if no test code is submitted.
Master Account Number: (Partitioned Panels Only)"

If using Contact ID what is the special code for this self-test pass or self-test fail?
Got it figured out. If anyone has the latest Contact ID codes, I would appreciate a copy. I found a 15 year old document on the Internet but nothing current.