Yet another cellular monitoring thread (HAI OP2, AlarmRelay, CDMA)

STC is used for end user notification at the panel, no other purpose. Would only tell you about a problem when it's too late (unless you have alt communications route).
Since I don't really use Telular often (sub-dealer) and use Uplink primarily, the assumption would be the event isn't a constant poll of the cell unit and more like the ability to generate a manual query to the unit to get the status back from the unit to diagnose a STC event remotely. It's how Uplink does it, same as C24 (DSC)
OK folks I finally found a few uninterrupted minutes yesterday to try hooking my TG1X up to my HAI.  The usual signals (e.g. trouble signals) are being sent through fine.  I haven't had a chance to test the interactive features yet--I need the registration PIN from my "dealer" (AlarmRelay) to create my Homecontrol Flex account.
One issue I noticed off the bat, however: I defined an output zone of type ARMED and I expected to see the output status (as seen in PC Access or Haiku) for that output to change to ON when the alarm is in an armed state (AWAY, NIGHT, DAY, VACATION).  But it never seems to change state, it's always in the OFF state.
Any ideas what could be wrong?  In case it's relevant, I have an OmniPro 2 running firmware 3.12