Control of Insteon using ELK or Mainlobby?

Ok, so I have most of my system (ELK M1G) up and running with decent automation (2x thermostats, irrigation, etc)...of course lighting is the weak link.

Everything is hardwired to the elk and viewed/controlled through mainlobby, which I have been happy with with the exception of the Insteon lighting. I figured the interface would be better running the PLC directly off of the HTPC running MLserver, but have found their interface to have a significant delay (at least 2-3 seconds) and poor updating.

I am considering just running the PLC directly off the elk (i have an extra serial expander), and only have 10 loads right now so the programming quirks with elk wont be an understanding is that the main issue with ELK is that it will need to poll for DIM states....Is there also a delay when using the PLC directly off of the elk (ie, is the delay from the PLC)...or do those of you with ELK-SERIAL-PLC---> switchlink experience quick response times....

I had my Insteon lights controlled by my ELK for about 9 months with almost no problems. They just worked.
Recently I decided to try ML and had a few problems (bad PLC?) and switched over to the new PLM driver. So far it works well with a few bugs that are being worked on. I haven't noticed a delay and status is good, at this point I am only having problems with groups.

My understanding was that using ML gave you better overall control from within ML, but if I used the ELK to control, I wouldn't have the same level of access to the Insteon lights from the ML interface.