Elk 2-way wireless sensors with wired input


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Hi folks,

I'm planning on installing a 2nd elk system in our 2nd home/cabin. Our first Elk was installed in our proper home during an extensive remodel about a decade ago; I'm sure I posted more often then! I integrated the Elk with our Vantage lighting and a mess of Axis smart cameras via a steaming morass of Node.js v.0.6 code which is still wobbling away on a dedicated mac mini.

The cabin is single wall construction ( redwood planks on the exterior, fir on the interior, milled on site; this was a logging community back in the day ) so I am not going to be running wires everywhere.

In this cabin we're swapping out the old single pane windows for Marvin windows. The specifc windows have a built in sensor which has leads running to a small pocket built into the framing. in these windows the pocket is about 3.6x1.1x1.6 ( LxWxD) inches

I would like to use the newer 2-way transmitters for this. In that product line are there any simple transmitters w/a wired connection? I have started reading all the installation instructions but decided it may be quicker to just ask here. :)

That looks like the one. Thanks @electron for pointing the stick at that thing.
One would think a little box combining just aux jacks and the transmitter/receiver bit would be a viable product.

aside: one of the reasons I am thinking of this 2-way stuff is the dongles with arming state. I'm pretty satisfied w/the GE gear I used in the remodel.