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elk m1

  1. E

    Interlogix Door Sensor (TX-1012-01-1) compatible w/ Elk

    I have an Interlogic door sensor (GE part # 60-688-95) that I cannot enroll in the Elk. I have other GE (either CADDX or Interlogic) sensors that have been going great and easy to setup. I have an M1XRF2G and it states this sensor should work. On the side there is what I think is the TX ID...
  2. D

    Need help with a solution for monitoring a door...

    Hi. I have an Elk M1 alarm system with 3 keypads. I have a troubled teen who has been turning off the alarm at night and sneaking out, then resetting when they get back home. I was looking for suggestions on a solution where I could get a text or phone call when the alarm is turned off after...
  3. K

    Moving from HAI OmniStat to Aprilaire 8800 on Elk M1

    Background: 15 years ago we got 9 HAI OmniStat (1st-gen) thermostats, connected to an OmniPro II controller. The OmniPro II has since been replaced by an Elk M1. The thermostats have been slowly dying one by one (failing to turn the heating/cooling on and off correctly) and now that we are down...
  4. D

    Elk M1XSP - can I use for RP?

    I just bought a used Elk M1XSP. I got it added to the Elk M1, changed the firmware from Uplink back to standard serial expansion. Removed the J5 power jumper. Made a cable. When I try to connect with RP2 I get "incorrect serial number or incorrect remote programming code". Baud rate is 9600...
  5. C

    PlanetM1 Cloud App

    I need to recommend this App for remote access to Elk M1 security. I had issues and they walked me through issues quickly. Great access to my home when away.
  6. RogueOne

    Does this work with M1 Gold?

    ELK-319DWM Window door sensor. Thanks
  7. I

    Question about NC vs NO door sensor

    The GRI RB-02 roller ball sensor can be be bought in a NC configuration, which I always thought was best for entry/exit doors, windows, etc. The problem is that they seem to be in very short supply, e.g., 6 to 7 week lead time. GRI also manufactures a DS-01T roller ball sensor (with wire...
  8. I

    Rule not working as expected

    I'm bench testing some rules for an overhead garage door in an attached garage. The idea is that I want to have "as long as it takes" to back out of the garage and close the overhead door without causing an alarm. The zone is defined as "Burglar Entry/Exit 2" and "bypassable". It is defined as...
  9. I

    M1XEP power consumptions

    The Elk current draw spreadsheet shows the M1XEP draws 330 mA, but it also has in the notes column "Power from P1216 Power Supply (included with M1XEP)". But when I put "1" in the quantity column, it adds 330 mA to the total. I always powered the M1XEP with the included wall wart, so I assumed...
  10. I

    Was Elk RMS discontinued?

    I'm dusting off an M1G system that's been on the shelf since 2016. I've been able to update the firmware for the M1G and the XEP, install the latest version of RP2, and connected a new M1XRFTWM. Everything is working great. I have a license code for the Elk RMS software that I purchased back in...
  11. D

    Gmail not allowing emails to be sent via M1 XEP as of May 30 2022?

    Gmail no longer allowing less secure apps.    My M1 XEP stopped sending emails via my gmail account on June 6th. After troubleshooting I found this. Back up and running after switching to GMX.   Less secure apps & your Google Account To help keep your account secure, from May 30, 2022...
  12. H

    Central Monitoring

    Who is everyone using for centralized monitoring these days?  I would like to use the internet for notification since I don't have a POTS line but I think thats pretty standard.     I have a Elk M1 Gold.   Thanks!   Neil  
  13. R

    ELK M1XEP major troubles - no longer responding

    I am nearly two weeks into my migration from a Vista 20P panel to a new (to me) ELK M1 Gold system and I have hit a major block and could really use some help. I had no issues connecting up the M1XEP to the system and have been using it for nearly two weeks. I recently purchased the Ekeypad Pro...