Elk M1 2 way Mini Window Sensor Battery Change


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Hey guys - my wireless sensor felt really slow. So I went to change the battery and in the process, there was a clip that friction fits on the board to get to the other side of the battery. I think it is friction fit - if not mine is defective but I can't for the life of me figure out HOW to get it back together. I don't know if anyone has any familiarity with this but its really got me stumped and I could use come guidance what its supposed to look lie. I can't find any pics, videos or anything on what it looks like correctly configured!
Is this the sensor you have? If so, does it still look like this? This PDF has a high resolution photo of the internal board.
got the battery on and back to working - problem is it is still 5 to 6 seconds before I get the alert the door has opened.
I'm wondering if this is related to the bus problems you experienced in the other thread you just updated.
yes I don't believe in coincidences but I don't know what's going on in my system. I believe I have all the jumpers properly set now with assistance since I am still new at the Elk stuff.
I have another sensor that is quicker. So that doesn't help the data theory. Maybe the expansion board is bad? not sure what to check next.
thanks this is again more great information. I have to see how to enable the counter and I will check resistance tomorrow on the A and B.
So I called Elk and got a lot of help. I had the wireless receiver on id 2 and the expander input board on id 2 as well. They can't be on the same ID like keypads can. Also, I was told that I can't have the wireless device connected to the bus it needs to be connected to the databus hub.
Really amazing to hear how ELK is still providing that type of support directly to consumers. Thanks for following up!