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    Elk M1 2 way Mini Window Sensor Battery Change

    Hey guys - my wireless sensor felt really slow. So I went to change the battery and in the process, there was a clip that friction fits on the board to get to the other side of the battery. I think it is friction fit - if not mine is defective but I can't for the life of me figure out HOW to...
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    Interlogix Door Sensor (TX-1012-01-1) compatible w/ Elk

    I have an Interlogic door sensor (GE part # 60-688-95) that I cannot enroll in the Elk. I have other GE (either CADDX or Interlogic) sensors that have been going great and easy to setup. I have an M1XRF2G and it states this sensor should work. On the side there is what I think is the TX ID...
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    Elk Wireless Question

    I am installing an Elk M1 Gold system and going all wireless. The manual seems to assume that the first 16 hardwired zones will be used, but I won't be doing that. Do I need to do anything with the first 16 zones? Thanks.