Uplink 5500M connections


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I'm trying to connect an Uplink 5500M that has four digital inputs, each marked: (pull-up to VDC).

The default configuration is:
IN1 General Alarm - Zone 251
IN2 General Alarm - Zone 252
IN3 General Alarm - Zone 253
IN4 General Alarm - Zone 254

I'm replacing a 4530EX and I would appreciate any suggestions on what goes where.

Thanks, Richard
Since no one else has answered, I'll take a wag at it.

How did you have your 4530EX connected to the M1? I'm guessing probably via the M1's phone line dialer output.

The documentation on the 5500M is very sparse, but from the 5500M manual, it appears that it does not support using a dialer output connection. Instead, you connect it to the Bell/Siren output of the M1. You can use any of the 5500M's 4 inputs for this. So connect it up to IN1, configure it via the 5500M app, and you should be good to go.
Thanks. I have the app running but there's nothing about the inputs. My alarm guy says Uplink doesn't have much info either. I'll report back for the benefit of anyone else on the bleeding edge.