Control Your Whole House - From Windows XPMCE


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While browsing my news sources, I stumbled on an article discussing Life|Ware, a MCE addon allowing you to interface MCE to your home automation. It looks like it isn't vendor specific, and it also seems to support video cameras. I can't find any other information on this, I contacted them for more info, so we'll see what happens.
Life|ware: Media Center Edition is Exceptional Innovation’s hardware neutral home automation software for controlling lighting, audio, window coverings, thermostats, security, cameras, pool controls and digital media, experienced via a Microsoft Media Center PC, using the same remote control used to access and enjoy digital media.

Life|ware: Media Center Edition represents the convergence of digital entertainment and refined home control.

“True convergence brings entertainment and control together in a way that provides a more intelligent, intuitive experience that enhances your quality of life,†said Seale Moorer, founding partner of Exceptional Innovation. “That’s what the Life|ware: Media Center Edition does.â€


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