Cool hardware kits (Ramsey catalog)

I've was looking at the Laser unit a couple of years ago as a driveway motion sensor.

Since I've had my Ocelot, and have it programmed for mutiple motion sensors to detect motion before it responds, I kinda slid that to the backburner for now.

It does look cool though.
Ok, here I go being a pesimist again (with the laser trip sensor alarm).

That laser is a CLASS IIIa product at a wavelength of 630-67 nanometers.

If you refer to this link, you will see where it quotes:

The most common types of lasers generally available to hobbyists - CD laser
diodes, visible laser diodes, laser pointers, and small HeNe lasers, are all
rated Class II or IIIa. See the section: "Laser safety classification".

Class II lasers should be relatively low risk if even minimal precautions are
taken. However, Class IIIa lasers must be taken much more seriously if the
beam is collimated - as it would be from a laser pointer or HeNe laser tube.

Class IIIa -- MEDIUM POWER LASERS, focused beam can injure the eye.

If I remember my junior laser safety class, when you get to a Class IIIa you rely on the reflex reaction of your eye blinking to avoid damage to the retina (or am I wrong here)?

They will not damage your eyes if viewed for momentary periods. Make sure if you do use this that you do not mount at eye level.