Cosmos 1: Solar Sail launch

I will be looking for it, but not for four days.

I believe that the sails won't deploy until Saturday, to give it time for any remnants of air to leak out.
Don't forget about the celestial fireworks on July 4th, when Nasa sends their "Deep Impact" craft on a collision course with a meteor.

And no, I'm not kidding. I'm not sure what bugs me more... The fact they timed this for the 4th, or that they named it after a movie about a meteor that was going to destroy earth.
I definitely look forward to those results, everything looks good so far. Most expensive 4th of July fireworks ever.
As the blog shows, there is a lot of conflicting evidence. They are pretty sure that they received a signal from the space craft at several listening stations, but the space craft isn't where it is supposed to be. If it did make orbit, it's going to take them a while to find it, STRATCOM is not able to locate it either, which is very strange. The Russians are saying that they have data that might indicate that there was a problem with the Volna launch vehicle (again), so they don't think it made orbit.

Latest page with updates is now:
That's what I mean by conflicting evidence. The Russians aren't sure that the craft crashed, while the scientists are pretty sure they heard from the craft while it was being inserted into orbit.