cpu problems ...


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Does anyone know what causes this error? It happens randomly after the pc locks up:


Problem is that the bios doesnt show when hooked up to a hdtv, and this is my mce box ;) I am getting tired of hooking up a monitor simply to go into the bios and exit. If the system stays off for a few hours, it will work again as well (but temps look ok).
This is normally cause by an improper CPU speed set in the BIOS. Have you tried a BIOS update?
it's a mce box sold by cyberpower (the only pc I have ever bought). haven't tried the bios upgrade yet, in case there is a bigger problem.
This is a fairly new system?
A few years back there where a rash of motherboard crashes caused by bad capacitors on the board. Seems someone stole the formula for the electrolite in them and made a cheap copy. Only problem was they didn't get the stabilizer part of the mix and all the caps would get swollen and fail.

If you motherboard has a monitoring program, you may want to see if the power supply voltages are stable. A weak supply can vary enough to reset the computer and the BIOS may think it was overclocked [as mentioned] and go into failsafe defaults,but needing your keystroke to continue. CPU fan speed if monitored maybe another thing to check.

You may want to reseat things like memory and accessory cards.
Did the reset thing, no luck. System is a little over a year old. Wish I never bought it lol.
E, not to solve your bios problem but... You mentioned your bios won't show on you HDTV. Are you using RGB(component) cables to hook it up? And does the HDTV also have a composit in? If so you should be able to take the green wire from the component and plug it into the composite port of your HDTV and it will display an image in B&W. Not sure if this would be easier for you or not.

How long have you been having this CPU issue, has it always done this? I have never in my life seen that error. Who makes your bios? I would look on their site and possibly try and call them to see what could possibly cause the error. There are probably multiple causes for the error and they should be able to provide you with a list of them.
e, from what I understand, a CPU with a bad cache can throw that error. Perhaps you've got a marginal CPU? Maybe try UNDERclocking it a bit?

I wish you luck though... the warranty is expired, huh?
Not quite related here to Electron's specific problem, but in case it is helpful to any here:

I found out recently that a bad CPU (not sure exactly what failed, but CPU is considered 'dead') will not yield a post message. Fans will be on, motherboard power indicator will be on, diagnostic indicators will be blank (this happened to be on a dell that someone brought to me). Front lights will be on, etc. No video, no post, no diagnostics.

I thought for sure it would be the motherboard (since no post, and when I added a video card (this had integrated video) the symptoms did not change (ruling out just a bad video output and faulty diagnostic indicators, or at least it was the hope).

Hope this helps someone, sorry I don't have anything for your specific issue Electron.