My house wiring odyssey

For benchtesting and such are ELK components pretty happy just laying on their backs on a plastic table or wood board? That would be great while i figure out how it all connects then once i'm happy with it i can move stuff into the cans.

It seems like everybody is redoing their cans at least a few times before they're happy so i would like to avoid that (at least avoid of few renovation cycles since i too like will likely change my mind/requirements halway down the project).
I would hope most components aren't orientation specific for use! I hope to someday mount them on the wall, but that's just for aesthetics and maybe ease of access. But for now...they'll just be laying there.

I don't have a lot of stuff to deal with at this most, I have an autopatch, a datanab I/O module, and a media PC. That's pretty much all I have at this point. Probably distributed audio will be in the somewhat near future, but I have to find speakers first... *sigh*.