CQC 2.2 has been released


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Aug 20, 2007 - CQC Version 2.2 has now been posted for download. This is a theoretically minor release, following up on the 2.1 series, but it contains some fairly substantial improvements.

The most important new features of this release are:

iTunes/QuickTime Support

The CQC media architecture now supports iTunes as a media repository, so you can use CQC to browse your iTunes repository from any CQC client. And our embedded audio player now supports both DirectShow and QuickTime engines, which you can select when installing the driver. This allows you to use the QuickTime engine if you use the iTunes repository, so that you can also do multi-zone playback of of your iTunes music via our player. This requires iTunes 7.3 and QuickTime 7.

Tag-based Media Repository:

CQC now supports media repositories that have embedded metadata tags, such as those created by the Windows Media Player and various other music organizing applications.

Interface System:

The Interface Editor is now multi-document, so you can open more than one interface at once for editing, making it much easier for you to grab widgets and styles from existing templates to create new ones. There is also a new auto-generation feature that can generate some commonly used sets of interface widgets, saving you considerable effort.

New/Improved Drivers:

A significant number of new drivers are available in this release. These include a Pop3 e-mail driver, Somfy shades, HTIQ home theater screen masking system, Nuvo Essentia, Nuvo Grand Concerto, Nuvo Simplese, JVC RS1 projector, Extron 200 video switcher, the new style DirecTV set top boxes, Marantz SR8001, NetCallerId, Epson VP21 projector, Vidikron Vision 70, Vidikron VL-4046, Cheaper RFID, and Insteon PLM.

Updated drivers for this release include the Russound RNet, InFocus IN76, Nuvo Concerto, DVD Profiler (for 3.0 support), and DVDO VPN30/50.

A complete list of bug fixes and features implemented in this release is available in the release notes in the main directory of the installer. If you would like to try out CQC (free for up to thirty days) to see if it works for you, go to the Charmed Quark website and select the Try/Buy tab or the Try It button in the top right. You can get an overview of the product. its cost, instructions on how to download it, and find the tutorial videos which will guide you through the learning process.