CQC Drivers "in progress"


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A variety of you have discussed the lack of CQC drivers for some of your equipment. I've been noticing many threads on the CQC forum from users about creating their own drivers for equipment, esp since the CQC PDL driver format is so easy to write.

You may be interested in watching this thread, as it'll be keeping a running list of what drivers folks are working on. Folks are pretty friendly, and while no one can guarantee that all of these will be in the CQC product, almost every driver writer has stated their intention of informally sharing them and formally submitting them to Dean for inclusion. Dean, of course, will have to review each one to make sure it's robust enough for inclusion in the product.

Here's the list of the current drivers in that thread. Not all have hyperlinks to a thread where you can get them - that gets added as they're in a state ready to share. Until then, the list is intended to provide visibility to others that someone is working on them, so no duplicative work is done. I've listed the author's handle so that if you want to PM them and volunteer to help code it, you can do so.

Drivers in Progress, 8/12/06 [that's 12/8/06 for the non-US folks :D ]

1) AdvantageAir , znelbok
2) Denon 4806 receiver , bodshal
3) GE/InterlogiX/Caddx NetworX NX-8E , jscheller
4) GE 90-30 (PLC) , znelbok
5) Horoscopes, squintz
6) Humax 5400 with ToH digital satellite STB, znelbok
7) InFocus IN74/IN76 , jonathan
8) Integra DVD (all models), Mark/toymaster
9) Insteon, jonathan
10) Jandy RS Series Pool Controller, jscheller
11) LG LCD/Plasma Panel , bph
12) mitsubishi XD400U DLp projector, znelbok
13) Optoma H79 Projector, jpants
14)Optoma HD72 projector , bodshal
15) Panasonic AE9000, rritchey
16) Pixelmagic systems Crystalio scaler, Britax
17)Pixel Magic Crystalio II , bodshal
18) Resconsys (RCS) Serial Thermostat Driver, jscheller
19) Russound ST2-XM , ripper
20) Upgraded Russound Rnet Driver, Mark/toymaster
21) Topfield pvrt 5000 personal video recorder, znelbok
22) Upgraded SageTV driver, Beelzerob
23) Ultimeter II weather station, rhamer
24) Vantage lighting control, jscheller
25) Xantech XDT am/fm tuner, jscheller
26) Xantech MRC-88, jscheller
27) xBox, znelbok
28) Yamaha RXV1600, (stefand?)
29) Yamaha RXV1500, beelzerob

And, in the hopefully beginning work soon so don't hold your breath but you can get excited camp:
1) Updated NetCallerID, IVB
2) Homegrown Recipe Mgmt system, IVB
3) Honeywell Enviracom communicating thermostat/zone controller, bph
4) Kenwood 400 disc mega DVD changer DV-5900M, jpants
5) Panasonic KX-TA SMDR telephone system, toymaster
6) Squeezebox, jonathan
7) CallerID via Asterisk PBX, jonathan
8) XMRadio Online, jonathan
9) Sony PFM-42B1 Plasma, bryanb
In case people are not aware *ALL* CQC drivers are free with the product, you are not charged per driver after buying the product to build your system so there are no hidden fees...if drivers are upgraded you will not be charged money to use a newer version of a driver, the CQC members that code these device drivers donate them for all users of CQC free of charge.

All drivers are of high quality and work the same or better than drivers plugins/drivers sold with other products...CQC recently passed 100 device drivers and that's not including the ones you see in the list above that are in development or recently completed and have yet to be added to the product.

All device drivers can also be modifed and you can borrow code from one driver to produce another without having to reinvent the wheel, its not like they are compiled and you do not have access to the source...at anytime you can open them up and see the inner workings of all drivers to assist you with creating another.