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CQC supports MQTT

Dean Roddey

Senior Member
We are about to do our 5.4 release of CQC, which now includes support MQTT (as a client.) So there is now an MQTT driver and you can configure CQC to associate driver fields with specific topics, tell it how to interpret payload data, and how to convert to/from the CQC field representations of those values.



The current official version is 5.3.2 which DOES NOT include the MQTT support. This is just a heads up that it's coming in the next version, which is ready to go. Basically we were just holding it up to give the MQTT stuff more user testing time. If you really want to play around with it in the meantime, the beta releases thread is here. It's essentially what 5.4 will be, modulo some possibly very minor tweaks.


Given the highly generalized nature of MQTT, and the not very well standardized payload format, there will almost certainly be more expansion of this driver moving forward to deal with specialized cases and such. But it has plenty of functionality to incorporate MQTT usefully into CQC at this point.



Dean Roddey

Senior Member
No, CQC is just a client in this scenario. So it just subscribes to topics on external MQTT servers. So it's just interested in getting information, it doesn't act as an MQTT server itself. A lot of folks these days are probably likely to use some cloud based server, as unfortunate as I think that is, like AWS. 
I've considered implementing a server and selling it separately as our first non-CQC product, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort.


Yeah Mosquitto server will run on Windows but is is easier to run / install on Linux. 
You could also install Docker on Windows and then install Mosquitto in docker.
Relating to automation and using MQTT I am currently seeing more automation tinkerers running MQTT at home versus the cloud; well and similiar to updating WiFi automation devices firmware to work with MQTT and opensource automation software.

Personally the new WiFi switches are candy to those folks tethered to the smartphones / yut of today that really only care that they can manage their automation in the cloud.
I have been playing a bit with bean counting using Thingspeak.  I got a MATLAB account a few months back using my University account which gives me a lot of play time with it.