CQC thermostat dec command is turning on my lights???


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I was playing around with a thermostat ui (build off Therm #1 in the Elk Ethernet Driver)... during a movie when all of a sudden , i decresed the temp and my zwave lights came on... Consistantly seems to happen when i go from 80 to 79 at the cool setpoint. 79 to 78 didn't seem to trigger. I have no lighting rules/tasks controlled by thermostat events in the elk... The best guess i have is that Task #18 (Home Lights) is firing- indeed every light in that event (including front porch) is coming on (or if there's an elk equivalent to all on?).

Some limited diagnostics:

If i do the same thing at the thermostat itself, doesn't happen
If i do this from the elk's webserver, it doesn't happen
Similar UIs i built in ML did not have this behavior that i remember

This happens from both the beta and official release of cqc...

Dunno the answer to your question, but i'm sure there's many more people that use the Elk w/CQC on the CQC forum than on CT, plus I'm sure Dean monitors that more often. You'd probably get a quicker response there.
Ya i actually started posting there, then realized i should test outsideof the beta version... then i said, maybe it's not CQC specific (although it looks that way), maybe there's a ligit issue with something in the elk ethernet...

oh well, too much second guessing myself.. and i hate to double post... i can wait :)

If you haven't defined any triggered events in CQC, then there's no way it's doing anything in response to the thermo temp changing, since that's the only way that CQC ever does anything in response to a change in some device, and it would pretty much have to be something in the Elk doing it. If the Z-Wave lights are connected directly to CQC and not to the Elk, then it would become a bit more mysterious and we'd have to dig deeper to find out what's going on. Did you create your whole system yourself or did you import some other people's stuff?
zwave driver is not loaded in cqc...

This is a brand new UI from scratch... I will play more tonight and debug a little further... I have just synced with ElkRP to make sure i didn't miss anything but there is nothing in the rules engine firing that task not any other "all on" type command...

Spanky, you have anything to offer here in the meantime?

total guess... i have no idea how to interface with the ethernet port, but if the commands are anything like the serial, is there some chance that some digits could be misinterprested by the elk - i.e. something like?


Anyways i'll followup with findings tonight
I could not reproduce this last night... not sure the delta was ( i didn't edit the interface nor the elk rules at all)...