dark/light issue in M1?


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I have a rule:
when a zone in not secure
and it is dark
then turn a light on
It worked previously, then yesterday evening (after dark) I made some wiring additions that required the control to be power cycled a couple times. Then my rule would no longer fire. Tonight my rule is working fine again without me doing anything.

Does a power cycle lose the dark/light flag? Things looked ok in RP for lat/lon and sunset times, but I didn't see a way to verify the "dark" flag.
Yeah, I think you nailed it. I seem to remeber something about how it takes 24 hours for the day/night thing to get synced back up.

Found in the Elk Dealer forums.....
when it is dark outside
Posted by kova3 on 06/13/2005 08:31
I turned off my elk m1g to connect a zone and when i powered it up again it forgot that it was darkk outside. None of my " when it is dark outside" rules worked. I tried it the next night and it was OK. Thought you might want to fix it in the next release.

Re: when it is dark outside
Posted by KBP on 06/20/2005 04:32
The status of Light and Dark cannot be set automatically upon power up. It works like this: When the M1 clock passes through the time setting for either Sunset or Sunrise, it sets the light or dark status accordingly. Until this clock passage occurs, no rules that rely on the Light or Dark status will fire. The reason your rules fired the next night was because the clock had passed through the time settings. One way to get things on schedule is to set the clock back to a couple minutes prior to either the sunrise or sunset setting. Then after passes through this time setting, set it back to the correct time.
OK, thanks. The workaround is a bit of a pain, so hopefully I won't be shutting it off too often.
The day/night flag that is used by the rules will be reset upon power cycle and set properly at dawn or dusk.
I added a second keypad. Since the instructions were wrong, I couldn't stop the beeping in the master bedroom and it was killing my WAF. So I had to turn it on & off while researching this beeping issue.

I don't plan on needing the on/off switch very often, but I sure am glad it is there. Especially if anything ever goes haywire (who me?) when I am not at home, it allows the wifey to hit the master kill switch. I would not feel comfortable telling her to disconnect the power supply and the battery. Very similar to the way that some JDS users have added twin kill buttons to allow an untrained person to reset or power off the unit or why the HomeSeer computer has an off switch.

David, is it safe or advisable to change things on the keypad/expansion data bus while powered up?
The proper technical answer is to always power the system down when working on the control.


But, I change things all the time with the power on. Who knows what will happen when you short something out. The person that put 120 VAC on the RS232 port 0 saw smoke, big time.
Yea, but they sent it back to the factory saying something was wrong with the board.

It is hard to warranty against "Stupidity".
Spanky said:
Yea, but they sent it back to the factory saying something was wrong with the board.
It is hard to warranty against "Stupidity".
Let me guess, you open the package and parts of what "were" components (previously soldered to a PC board) dump out in your lap. :eek: The first thing you notice is an odor of something "burnt" (it's rather strong). Then your eyes notice the obvious signs of a past fire as you see charred blackness on the inside of the case. Further investigation of the circuit board shows localized heating in certain areas and melted plastic of components (to the point of not being recognized).

(As you can tell I have been there also Spanky) :rolleyes:
Spanky said:
Sounds like you have experienced "Bad Out Of The Box" warranty returns also. :rolleyes:
Hehe, not so much that (warranty return) as the equipment I provide for our users was returned because it "just stopped working all of a sudden"! :eek: