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Dell dimension 3000 stuck at configuring IDE


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I got the Vantec USB adapter and was able to back up data from the windows and linux partitions.  Worked well.  However, when I tried to do some more with the adapter it did not work and I found the 5V from the power supply was more like 1V and varying.  It has a 12V power supply that goes into a small box that outputs 12 and 5V.  12V looks good.  I am going to try it with the main PC power supply.  Will be exchanging it for another.  I can deal with a bad power supply as there are other ways to deal with that even if I have to make one. 


Good news Jim.
Best would be a functional old PC power supply with 3.5" HD power connectors on it.


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Be CAREFUL, some Dell motherboards were known to use non-standard pinouts on the power connector.  Looks like a regular one but it's wired differently.  I'd scour ebay or craigslist for a spare, but I'd go with local pickup as shipping is gonna be a hassle for one of those.


Personally I wouldn't bother trying to hack something together.  Better to just bail on the hardware and move to something a lot more power efficient.  A small, fanless mini PC with an SSD would give you a no-moving-parts solution that'd probably last forever.


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Hardware is fine except for the HDD.  I have several others as potential replacements.  This has a parallel port that drives a CNC milling machine so best to just replace the drive.  The power supply issue was the one that came with the USB to IDE/SATA drive interface I am just using for testing drives not the PC power supply.